The Best Housing Markets in America

2011 is not a good year for the housing markets in the United States. It is anticipated that real estate prices will fall an additional 2.5% in the second half of this year. The high foreclosure rates, high unemployment rates and low consumer confidence has a continuing negative effect on the real estate market. However, there are some markets that are expected to perform well this year. The five metropolitan areas that anticipate having the price of residential real estate go up are Washington D.C., Orlando, Dallas, San Francisco and New York City.

There tends to a be a positive up tick in the real estate market in the summer. The warm weather allows people to go outside and shop around for homes, co-ops and condos.

Distressed Home Sales

Before the housing market started to fail, distressed home sales related to foreclosures were a very small part of the real estate market. Today, bank owned homes represent approximately a third of all total sales of residential real estate. When you compare this to the year 2005, where distressed home sales were less than 5%, you see an enormous jump. In the year 2010, 1.7 million homes were considered distressed home sales.

Will Home Sales Bottom Out In 2011?

Some real estate experts believe that home sales will reach their lowest point in the first quarter of 2012. The Federal Reserve feels that the jobless rate will dip below 8% in 2012 and that the growth domestic product will increase from 3.3% to 3.7%.

Foreclosure Defense

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Making Timely Mortgage Payments

Making Timely Mortgage PaymentsMany homeowners are making late payments on their mortgages. The percentage of mortgage holders who make late mortgage payments is high compared to the normal delinquency rate on mortgages.Las Vegas and Nevada are the states with the two highest mortgage delinquency rates in the country. The delinquency rate in Florida is 14.3%, and the delinquency rate in Nevada is 15.9%. Although the delinquency rate concerning homeowners making timely payments on mortgages has gone down from last year, it is still very high in these two states. Arizona was the state with the next highest mortgage delinquency rate. Its delinquency rate is 9.14%. The lowest delinquency rates in the country are in North Dakota and South Dakota, with rates of 1.54% and 2.53, respectively.

Pre-Recession Delinquency Rates

The normal pre-recession delinquency rate in the United States is 2.5%. One of the reasons why delinquency rates and mortgages are so high is because the foreclosure process in most states takes a long time. There are currently almost four million homeowners that are behind in paying their mortgages in the United States. As more and more homes go into foreclosure, the time it takes for the foreclosures to work their way through the courts, to get the home on the market to be sold, continues to grow. New York State has a slow foreclosure system. Foreclosures in some counties in New York can take up to two years before the home is sold.

Unemployment and Mortgage Delinquency Rates

There is a direct correlation between unemployment rates in the United States and the number of homeowners who are behind on their mortgages. The value of homes continues to fall in the United States. This acts as a negative factor in motivating homeowners with no equity in their property to continue to make their mortgage payments.

For the housing crisis to be stabilized, more Americans need to be employed so they will have sufficient funds to make the payments on their mortgages.


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Bankruptcy and Foreclosure

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Foreclosures Increase Economic Stress in the United States

In December of 2010, the economic stress in the United States increased. This was largely due to the depressed housing market. Foreclosure rates rose in thirty-three states during December. In addition, bankruptcy levels remained very high.

Social Security Rates Go Down

During the 2011 calendar year, the tax rate for social security taxes was reduced. This results in workers’ paychecks going up.

Manufacturers Are Adding Jobs

In the United States, manufacturers, after many years of having shrinking payrolls, plan on hiring more employees in the year 2011. In January of 2011, the manufacturing sector of the United States economy added approximately 50,000 jobs. This was the largest increase since August of 1998.

Unemployment Rates Go Down

The unemployment rates have been slowly decreasing in the United States for the past two months. The unemployment rate was 9.8% in November of 2010 and fell to 9% in January of 2011.

Bankruptcies and Foreclosures Increase

Rajeev Dahawan, an economist at Georgia State University, stated, “bankruptcies and foreclosures are the side effects of the damage from the real estate bust. First you have the real estate problem and then it spills over into bankruptcies and foreclosures.”


Bankruptcies generally increase during times of economic stress. In November of 2005, the Bankruptcy Reform Act led to more stringent standards for filing a bankruptcy. A “means test” was a mandatory part of the Bankruptcy Reform Act. Since November of 2005, the rules regarding filing Chapter 7 bankruptcies have been liberalized; however, the means test standard still applies on all new Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings.

Bankruptcy Lawyer

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