Foreclosure and Unemployment

Recent news reports have indicated that it will take approximately 24 months for the New York City and Long Island area to recover from the current high levels of unemployment. It is estimated that the metropolitan New York are will not return to it’s pre – recession levels of employment until April of 2013. Metropolitan New York is doing better at recovering from the recession then other parts of the country. It is estimated that the majority of the country will take 3 years to reduce the unemployment rates to pre – recession levels.

New York Real Estate

Although property values have not recovered from the real estate crisis, in the State of New York, real estate experts are proclaiming that we are doing better than California, Arizona and the majority of the sun belt. Although the pundits are claiming things will get better, I don’t see this happening. Foreclosure rates in the Metropolitan New York area continue to climb. Banks are refusing to provide feasible mortgage modifications to homeowners. Unemployment rates are remaining steady or climbing. The business areas in local communities have been devastated. There are empty stores everywhere.

2012 is an election year. President Obama is going to have to take further action to simulate our economy and revitalize our housing markets if he wants to get re – elected.

Litigating Foreclosures In New York State Courts and In Federal Courts

There are two different routes to dealing with homes that are in foreclosure. The cases can be defended in the New York State Courts. Defective mortgages, defective foreclosure lawsuits, predatory lending and other real estate related defenses can be submitted in a response to the service of the summons and complaint in a foreclosure proceeding. Mortgage modification applications can also be submitted to the financial institutions.

Filing Bankruptcy to Stop Foreclosure

The second route is filing foreclosure related bankruptcies. Both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies will stop foreclosures from moving forward. The filing of bankruptcies will also eliminate unsecured debts, stop debt collection, harassment and in some cases, eliminate second mortgage liens. Call us for a consultation and we will discuss why filing bankruptcy may be in your interest, the types of bankruptcy available to you and how to re-establish credit after filing bankruptcy.

Mortgage Company Attorney Sanctioned Over False Statements

Judge Fairgrieve, sitting in the District Court located in Nassau County, fined a foreclosure attorney named Steven J. Baum P.C. Mr. Baum was sanctioned $14,000 in attorneys fees and and additional $5,000 payable to the Lawyers Fund for Civil Protection with regard to the case of Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. vs. Raia, which was decided on November 23, 2010.

Attorney Criticized by the Court

Steven J. Baum, P.C., is one of the largest foreclosure law firms in the state of New York. Mr. Baum’s law office litigates foreclosure matters throughout New York.

The court noted in this case that many of the sworn allegations in the foreclosure proceeding were found to be false. The Judge ordered a hearing to determine appropriate sanctions, due to the fact that the mortgage company lacked a possessory interest in the premises. The attorneys for Steven J. Baum, P.C., argued that the allegations in the petition, although they were incorrect, were not material and that sanctioning the foreclosure law firm would not be appropriate. Judge Fairgrieve, in his decision, stated that the false statements dealt with the issue of standing to bring the foreclosure proceeding. He went on to state that a lawyer is guilty of professional misconduct if he makes false statements to a court under the rules of professional conduct that lawyers must abide by.

Judge Fairgrieve found that Steven J. Baum, P.C., was professionally irresponsible and impeded the proper administration of justice. He noted in his decision that this was not the first time that this law office had acted inappropriately. The judge indicated in his decision that in a similar case three years ago, Steven J. Baum’s law office was to be sanctioned.

Foreclosure Defense Lawyers

The Law Offices of Schlissel DeCorpo provides foreclosure defense regarding cases in Nassau and Suffolk Counties on Long Island, the five boroughs of the City of New York and Westchester County. Our office has numerous cases pending where we are defending homeowners from foreclosure. In these cases, we help our clients stay in their homes. We litigate defective mortgages, defective foreclosure lawsuits, predatory lending and other real estate related issues. We also assist our clients in the preparation of mortgage modification applications and we deal with mortgage modification programs that fail to meet our client’s needs. We attend foreclosure court conferences on behalf of our clients and seek to put pressure on the mortgage companies and banks to provide our clients with mortgage modifications. Call us for a free consultation at 516-561-6645, 718-350-2802 or 1-800-344-6431.

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