The Note and The Mortgage

foreclosure and real estate lawyer in New YorkIf you have purchased a home and financed it through a financial institution, you attended a closing. At that closing, you executed numerous documents. One of those documents is the note. The note is simply an I owe you. The note basically states you are borrowing money from a lender and you promise to pay it back. The note includes the terms of repayment, interest rates, the term of the loan and information concerning late charges and other issues.

The Mortgage

The mortgage and note are two separate documents completely. The mortgage is an agreement which allows the financial institution, who is the lender concerning your property, to have a security interest, or lien, on your property. Another way of looking at the mortgage is you pledge your home as collateral to secure the financial transaction which allows you to buy your home. If the bank does not get paid, they go after the collateral, to wit, your home, to take it back and sell it at auction to repay the note which documents the loan you took from them.

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Motion to Foreclose Mortgage Denied

Long Island Foreclosure DefenseCitibank brought a foreclosure proceeding in Kings County Supreme Court before Justice Francois Rivera. Judge Rivera noted the affirmation submitted by Citibank relied on documents. Judge Rivera pointed out the documents need to be annexed to the affirmation and the affiant has to establish an evidentiary basis for the court to accept these documents. Judge Rivera ruled that the mere submission of these documents by counsel for Citibank without any detailed identification or presentation or authentication was an inadequate presentation.

Judge Rivera noted the motion papers submitted by counsel for Citibank stated there were exhibits labeled A through C. Citibank’s attorneys, in their moving papers, clearly described exhibits A and B. They did not explain what exhibit C was. Due to Citibank’s attorney’s failure to describe exhibit C, Judge Rivera completely disregarded it.

Bank’s Motion Was Ambiguous

Judge Rivera found Citibank’s motion papers to be ambiguous. He also felt they were incomplete. Judge Rivera stated in his decision he was not sure whether Citibank sought to substitute Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA) as plaintiff because it was the owner of the note and mortgage or because it was the servicer of the owner of the note and mortgage. Judge Rivera’s decision stated, although an assignment evidencing the mortgage was assigned by Citimortgage to FNMA no evidence of an admissible nature was submitted that FNMA owned the note. In addition, no evidence was submitted showing FNMA had any authority to act as servicer on the note.


The standard that banks and their attorneys must meet to be successful in a foreclosure lawsuit is a very high standard. Unless the bank attorney is very careful and submits appropriate motion papers, their motions to foreclose on homeowners’ properties can be denied by vigilant judges.

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