Renting an Apartment

Do you seek to rent an apartment? Has your house been foreclosed upon, or are you just looking to move out of your home?

Credit Issues

Most landlords do credit checks before renting an apartment. If you have bad credit, renting an apartment may be difficult for you. If your home has been foreclosed upon, your previous good credit may have been ruined by the financial institution bringing the foreclosure proceeding. If your credit rating is low, you may need to have a friend, family member or relative co-sign the lease for you.

Finding Apartments Online

Prior to the internet, most apartments were found either in the newspapers or by word of mouth. With the advent of the internet, the easiest way to find a new apartment is to go on one of the many websites that list apartments to be rented. While sitting at your computer, in your home, you can find much more about an apartment today than previous generations could. There are various services that can be utilized to find prospective apartments. and are two of these services. These services include information with regard to the availability of rental apartments, the cost of the apartments, the cost of the utilities to maintain the apartments and other issues, such as whether the apartments will accept pets.


Landlords like deposits. If you find an apartment you like but you’re not sure you want to rent it, a way of reserving it with the landlord will be to offer the landlord a deposit. Landlords take tenants much more seriously when they are prepared to put a deposit down on an apartment.

Good Luck

If you’re renting an apartment, we wish you good luck. Unfortunately, there are unforeseen problems that are not always discovered until after you rent. These can involve unruly and noisy neighbors, cockroaches, bed bugs, and the failure of a landlord to properly maintain the apartment after you rent it. So, luck is a factor in apartment rentals!

Lawyers Who Help Deal With Foreclosures

The Law Offices of Schlissel DeCorpo handles foreclosure defense lawsuits throughout the metropolitan New York area. We have more than two decades of experience in successfully defending foreclosure proceedings. We litigate bad faith issues, predatory lending issues, defective mortgages, defective foreclosure lawsuits and all other types of real estate related matters. We attend foreclosure court conferences on behalf of our clients. We assist our clients with mortgage modification applications and we help them deal with mortgage modification programs that fail to meet their needs. At the time of the initial interview, we discuss all types of foreclosure options with our clients.

In some situations, the best means to deal with the foreclosure is to file a foreclosure related bankruptcy. Bankruptcies not only stop foreclosures from moving forward, they eliminate other types of debt such as credit card problems. Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies are both available to consumers whose homes are in foreclosure. The bankruptcies can also be utilized, in some situations, to eliminate second mortgages. At the end of the bankruptcy, we assist our clients in re-establishing their credit. Come in to our office to discuss the type of bankruptcy that would help you. We appreciate your spending time on our foreclosure defense blog.

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