Foreclosed Homes Being Filled by Criminals

Foreclosed Homes Being Filled by CriminalsJamaica, New York, has had a rash of foreclosed homes. Homes that are being foreclosed upon and have become vacant are now being filled with drug dealers, gang members and other criminals. These homes are “becoming a magnet for criminal activity.” This is according to Deputy Inspector Miltiadis Marmara, the Commanding Officer of the precinct in South Jamaica. Community members in Jamaica are concerned about criminals and vagrants moving into these empty homes. They have huge parties. They stand outside the homes smoking weed and using other drugs. When the police are called, they run away. After the police leave, they return.
There are more than 75 homes in the Jamaica area that are suffering from these types of problems.Jamaica, New York, is a middle class community. Hard working, blue collar workers have used their life savings to buy homes. In their free time, they fix them up.

Neighborhoods Affected By Foreclosure Crisis

The foreclosure crisis is destroying good neighborhoods in Jamaica. Hard working, middle class families are being forced to live next to empty homes that squatters have moved into. The squatters make noise and partake in a lot of drug abuse and criminal activity. This is another problem caused by the foreclosure crisis.

Who Is Stopping Foreclosures in New York

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