Prosecutors Discuss Settlement of Lawsuit Over Bank Mortgage Abuses

Federal and State prosecutors are in the process of working out a settlement with the five largest loan companies in the United States over their mortgage abuses. The discussions are centered around a settlement of approximately 30 billion dollars. As part of the settlement, the financial institutions will have to provide detailed assurances that they will establish and comply with better banking practices in the future. Negotiators are meeting in August in Washington, D.C. to try to work out a settlement.

Is Prosecution More Appropriate Than Settlement?

There are many families and individuals who lost their homes due to the mortgage crisis which was created by bank abuses. Many of those affected feel that prosecution of individuals is the better route than settlement. The settlement will excuse all of the misconduct that financial institutions took part in. It is the government’s hope that the settlement will have an affirmative effect on the nation’s financial system and the economy. I believe this is wishful thinking!

The public interest requires a detailed investigation and the prosecution of those individuals involved with bank abuses and fraud. After the investigation and the convictions of those individuals, settlements involving significant civil penalties can be worked out. The settlement that the government is negotiating will sweep under the rug the widespread acts of fraud and abuse that the banks were engaged in, that has resulted in a foreclosure crisis in the United States and the downward spiral of our economy. Those individuals responsible for inappropriate activities should be appropriately dealt with.

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