Homeowners Associations

Homeowners Associations (condo and coop organizations) oversee 25 million homes. Approximately three quarters of all newly constructed homes are in Homeowners Association communities.

Homeowners Associations set up rules for their communities. They have monthly dues to cover the costs of servicing and maintaining the homes in the communities. These dues can cover road repairs, street lights, maintaining the lawns and roofs of the dwellings in the association, as well as all other aspects of maintaining the community. Homeowners Associations can levy special assessments over and above regular dues payments. These special assessments deal with major repairs or one time large expenses.

Foreclosures and Homeowners Associations

As more and more banks take over foreclosed homes and throw the residents out, the homes become vacant. Vacant homes don’t pay dues towards Homeowner Associations. This causes financial problems for these organizations.

Homeowner Associations can foreclose on homes when the homeowner refuses or is unable to pay the association’s dues. Imagine this situation: you lose your job and you modify your mortgage with the bank. Homes in your community become vacant and the Homeowner Association raises your dues. You notify the association that you’re not in a financial position to pay your dues, but you’ll catch up when you obtain a new job. Their response: if your dues aren’t current within sixty days we will foreclose on your home! This is happening more and more frequently to homeowners in the United States.

During times of economic prosperity, homeowner associations keep communities safe, they maintain the grounds of the communities, they set up and maintain tennis courts, swimming pools and sometimes golf clubs. When times are tough, homeowners associations raise their rates and foreclose on nonpaying home owners!

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