When is it a Good Time to Buy a Home? How About Now?

Home prices have been going down this year. The pundits state that the best time to buy a home is at the bottom of the market. So how can you tell whether the market has hit bottom? Some independent analysts recommend buying homes this spring. Phil DeMuta, an investment adviser and the co-author of a book on investing entitled The Little Book of Alternative Investments, claims it’s a great time to buy a house. He states housing prices are where they were in 2002 and you’ve got mortgage rates at 5% now on a thirty year mortgage. He further states, “if you can put down the 20% and qualify for a good mortgage, I’d say this is an excellent time to take that kind of position.”

Anthony Sanders, a professor of Real Estate Finance at George Mason University, takes the opposite approach. He is cautious about the outlook of the real estate industry. He suggested there may be a buying opportunity in the late summer of 2011.


There is currently a large number of homes in America in foreclosure. It is estimated that the number is currently close to two million. As these homes come back into the real estate market, they will have a further negative affect on home prices. Is renting the solution? Renting should be considered something to do on a temporary basis. The owning of a single family home by a family is the American dream. In theory, home ownership in a rising real estate market will provide the homeowners with a lovely place to live, as well as increasing equity in their investment.

Professor Anthony Sanders from George Mason University takes the position that continuing to rent due to the high home vacancy rate of 18% is the best route to take right now. He suggests that young couples wait to see how the whole market progresses this year before buying a home. He states the average person stays in their house only about six or seven years, so you have to have some belief the prices will be relatively constant over that period, so you don’t take the loss. Sanders feels “the housing market is sitting on a ledge and could go either way – – it could go up which is good or we could be in for a double dip.”

Market Bottoms

It is impossible to pick out the market bottom in advance. The real estate market has been in a disarray for the past few years. Housing prices have been going down for the past several months. I anticipate homes will be worth less at the end of 2011 in most metropolitan areas than at the start of this year. So my personal suggestion is wait and see how things shape up in the economy and the real estate market.

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