New Law Allows Homeowners to File Late Answers In Foreclosure Case

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In the case of first impression Justice William Giacomo sitting in the Supreme Court foreclosure part in Westchester County was presented with an issue concerning the filing of a late answer by a homeowner. JP Morgan Chase had started a foreclosure lawsuit on June 8, 2016. The defendant, Hernandez, did not submit a notice of appearance and a written answer; however she did appear at 5 foreclosure settlement conference meetings at the courthouse. The case was eventually removed from the foreclosure settlement part on March 15, 2016. On March 30, 2016 she filed a written answer. The attorneys for JP Morgan Chase rejected the answer. They claimed that the time to submit an answer had expired.

Hernandez brought a motion requesting the court force JP Morgan Chase to accept the late filing of the answer. Justice William Giacomo in his decision held the intent of the new legislation was to allow pro se defendants (defendants who do not have an attorney) who participate in foreclosure conferences to submit answers after the foreclosure conferences end even though they are untimely. In this case Judge Giacomo stated that Hernandez was served with a summons and complaint on June 18, 2016 and she participated in foreclosure settlement conferences. The court noted that 15 days after the case was removed from the foreclosure conference part Hernandez filed her answer. The Judge held that the intent of the new legislation was to allow individuals representing themselves to participate in the litigation process. In this case he found JP Morgan Chase would not suffer any prejudice in permitting Hernandez to file a late answer. He therefore granted her motion and a late answer was now considered to be timely served.


This is a terrific decision for homeowners. Many homeowners come into my office and participate for months and months in the foreclosure settlement conference part only to have their mortgage modification applications denied. They then find themselves in a litigation court part, however since they have not submitted an answer they have defaulted in the case and the judge won’t hear their side of the story. This new statute allows homeowners to file late answers and participate in the legal proceedings regarding the foreclosure on their home.

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