Mortgage Mistakes – Part I

Applying for a mortgage can be a complex process. How much to ask for, how much you will qualify for, getting approved and closing on the sale of a home can be difficult to say the least. There are a number of potential problems that you should avoid when looking to obtain a mortgage. Here a list of some of those problems.

Credit Check

First thing you should do before applying for a mortgage is buy a credit report for yourself. This can be easily obtained online. You should ascertain what you credit score is. If your credit score is low there are procedures that can be taken to raise your credit score.

Maintaining Assets

Banks will look to the assets you have in your checking and savings accounts when you apply for a mortgage. Should a family member, friend, or loved one be making a cash contribution towards the down payment it would be in your interest to let those funds stay in your account for a period of time to boost up your standing with the bank you apply for a mortgage with. Underwriters do not like to see transfers of funds into your bank account shortly before you apply for a mortgage. They will think it is fishy!

Steady Employment

Mortgage underwriters like to see that you have a stable job. Individuals who frequently change jobs have difficulty in obtaining mortgages. It is less problematic if you are moving within the same general field. Mortgage lenders do not like to see individuals recently making a career change and then applying for a mortgage.

Total Housing Payments

Many potential homeowners do not understand what compromises a mortgage payment. Mortgage payments consist of principle, interest, taxes and insurance on the dwelling. New homeowners often make the mistake and only think about the cost of the repayment of the principle and interest on their home. They do not take into consideration property taxes, interest and insurance payments.

Don’t Apply For New Credit And Then Apply For A Mortgage

Mortgages lenders do not take kindly to individuals applying for other types of credit at the same time they’re applying for a mortgage. In an underwriters eyes this makes you a greater risk a credit default. If you should be applying for new credit cards or personal loans at the time you are applying for a mortgage the duplicate applications may have a negative impact on your credit report.

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