Increased mortgage modifications have scaled foreclosure down

foreclosure defense lawyerThe rate of mortgage modifications has taken an upward turn again to relieve homeowners from foreclosure. As per the recent statistics, during April to June this year, around 204,000 homeowners have already qualified for permanent loan modification. Among all, nearly 160,000 homeowners have obtained proprietary loan modification and 44,860 homeowners have been able to modify mortgage loans by using the Home Affordable Modification Program or HAMP. Numerous mortgage servicers have assisted homeowners thoroughly in mortgage modifications and made it possible to achieve this mark in just 3 months.

As the data suggests, since 2007, the situation has taken a positive turn. More than 6.52 million permanent loan modifications have been completed successfully. Among the 6.52 million, 5.31 million loans are under the proprietary programs and approximately 1,223,449 modifications are under the HAMP. The development is great indeed and it’s expected that by next few years it’ll be possible to control the foreclosure effectively enough.

The steady increase in mortgage modification has already reduced the number of short sales and foreclosure in the course of time. In the second quarter of this year, around 329,000 foreclosures have been recorded. This is lower than the previous quarter which encountered 472,000 foreclosures. There is a considerable 30% drop in the foreclosure count. In 2012, during the second quarter, 527,000 foreclosures took place. So, in one year the total number of foreclosure has dropped by 38%. Not only foreclosure, but there is a reduction in short sales also. In the second quarter, total 81,000 short sales have been recorded which is lower enough in comparison to the last quarters’ 84,000 count. So, short sales have also reduced by 3%. In 2012, 107,000 short sales were completed.

During the first quarter of 2013, 162,000 foreclosures were completed. After increased number of mortgage modifications, the number of foreclosure was 158,000 in the second quarter. There is a 2% reduction in the overall count since last quarter. Exactly one year ago, in the second quarter of 2012, around 185,000 foreclosures were completed. So, in one year, there is a huge reduction of 15% in foreclosure count.
Short sales have reduced by 25% and foreclosure around 15% in the last one year. If you’ll evaluate the numbers according to months, then you’ll be able to detect the gradual change. In May 2013, almost 115,000 foreclosures were recorded. In June the number came down to 97,000, a 16% reduction. There is a 7% reduction in number of short sales also.

All the surveys and their results are indicating to a positive change in the mortgage market. The number of mortgage delinquencies are reducing as per the records but there is perhaps more to check than just figures. Market experts are however hopeful about the whole progress. The vice president of RealtyTrac, Daren Blomquist has stated that marketers are trying their level best to find a way through the numerous bad loans and assist troubled homeowners accordingly. Apart from that, the property prices are also going low now. The curtailed property prices have made it possible for the troubled homeowners to save their homes through mortgage modification.

Blomquist also added, “Lastly, the persistent foreclosure prevention efforts over the past few years have waged a war of attrition on the foreclosure problem, helping to keep a lid on foreclosure activity”. The positive decline in the foreclosure count has definitely made the things more favorable for the homeowners. However, it’s difficult to assume that for how long the situation will be favorable for the homeowners. It’s essential for homeowners to be alert and make the most of the favorable market condition.

Anjelica Cullin, Financial Writer

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