Foreclosure Court Conferences

Stopping the Foreclosure Sale

In the State of New York if a foreclosure lawsuit is started the financial institution must schedule a foreclosure mortgage modification conference with the court. These conferences take place in a dedicated location in the courthouse in the county the foreclosure is brought. The purpose of these conferences is to see if an alternative to the home being sold in the foreclosure lawsuit can be worked out. The most common means of dealing with the lawsuit is for the homeowner to apply for a mortgage modification. The purpose of these conferences is to allow the homeowners to maximize their potential of obtaining a mortgage modification.

Law Firms

There are law firms, such as mine, who have attended hundreds of foreclosure modification conferences. The experience in attending many of these conferences and dealing with the attorneys for the bank on a regular basis provides the law firms that deal with these matters with a unique type of expertise. Foreclosure attorneys that have an expertise in helping homeowners obtain mortgage modifications will greatly increases the potential the homeowners will be able to keep their homes. However, many homeowners attend these foreclosure mediation mortgage modification conferences without retaining a qualified defense lawyer. This is generally a mistake.

Bad Faith

An experienced foreclosure lawyer will have a unique prospective on maximizing the potential for the homeowner to obtain a mortgage modification. The standard utilized by courts in determining whether the financial institution and their attorneys are acting appropriately is referred to as “bad faith”. Whether the financial institution and their attorney are acting in bad faith is an issue to be presented to the court with regard to the mortgage modification process.

Loan Modification Application Process

An experienced foreclosure defense lawyer will have the expertise to work through the loan modification application process. This will provide his or her clients with the opportunity of attending as many settlement conferences as is necessary to maximize the homeowner’s potential of obtaining the mortgage modification. These procedures also delay the onset of the legal process that can result in the homeowners being forced to move from their home. If the mortgage modification process is successful the homeowners get to stay in their homes and the financial institutions attorneys are thereafter forced to withdraw the foreclosure lawsuit.


Attorney Elliot Schlissel

If you are served with legal papers in a foreclosure lawsuit or receive notice there is a foreclosure settlement conference coming up in court, it is important to retain the services of an experienced foreclosure defense law firm.

The law offices of Schlissel DeCorpo LLP have been fighting foreclosure lawsuits for more than 3 decades. The law firm has hundreds of pending cases throughout the courts in the Metropolitan New York area and the firm takes an aggressive position with regard to litigating these cases and helping clients obtain mortgage modifications. Should you have questions feel free to contact Elliot S. Schlissel, Esq. at 800-344-6431 or e-mail him at The law firm maintains offices in Nassau, Suffolk and Queens Counties.

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