Brooklyn Judge Sanctions Bank and Law Firm in Foreclosure Case

Justice Arthur M. Schack, sitting in the Supreme Court, Kings County, has fined.

HSBC Bank $10,000.00 and the Law Firm of Shapiro, DiCaro and Brak $5,000.00 in sanctions. In his ruling he stated that both parties engaged in “frivolous conduct” during an attempted foreclosure against Eleanor Taher, a homeowner in Bedford Stuyvesant.

Judge Schack had previously dismissed with predjudice the foreclosure action brought against Eleanor Taher by HSBC Bank. The court had requested that an HSBC executive appear at the sanctions hearing.Justice Schack has in the past taken a tough position with regard to financial institutions acting improperly in foreclosure proceedings. The attorneys for Shapiro, DiCaro and Brak stated they would appeal Justice Schack’s ruling. In discussing the appeal, Patrick Bnaylon of Goldman Segalla, stated “we do not believe an attorney or a client should be punished while proceeding in reliance on existing law. Mortgage foreclosures are not popular cases these days but out system provides for representation by attorneys for anyone appearing before the judiciary. Protecting attorneys who appear for currently unpopular clients or causes from unwarranted sanctions is of the utmost importance to our system of justice.

We will keep you informed as to how this appeal plays out.

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