Beware of Foreclosure Scams and Forensic Loan Audit Scams

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Individuals in foreclosure may be solicited with regard to forensic loan audits and mortgage securitization analysis. It is claimed these audits and analysis will uncover improper and/or illegal loan documents. It is claimed this will force a loan servicer to give a homeowner a loan modification. These claims are usually false. If you have a problem with your mortgage and are facing foreclosure you should retain an experienced foreclosure defense lawyer. Generally speaking the securitization analysis or forensic loan audits usually cause homeowners to spend a lot of money and these procedures don’t accomplish either setting aside the mortgage or obtaining a mortgage modification for the homeowner.

Scams Concerning Deeds

There are a variety of scams regarding deeds. Usually a distressed homeowner is conned into signing the deed over to his or her property. Sometimes the scam offers to pay the homeowners money claiming if the deed is turned over to them they will straighten out the problem and thereafter re-deed the property back to the homeowner. Sometimes this happens by the scammer requesting the homeowners provide them with a power of attorney. If you are solicited with a proposal for someone to take title to your home, it is important you retain an experienced foreclosure lawyer to look into the propriety of this type of transaction.

Other Types of Foreclosure Scams

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There are a variety of other types of scams which involve mortgage loan modification companies requesting homeowners to obtain loan modifications, phony solicitations to be part of Class actions for homeowners and scams involving suggestions a company can eliminate your mortgage. When a family finds their home is in foreclosure they often don’t know what to do or where to turn. However, if you are solicited with an easy way out be very careful. Generally speaking there is no easy way out of foreclosure. The best way to deal with foreclosure problems is to contact an experienced foreclosure defense lawyer and have him or her go through the various options available to you.

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