103 Year Old Woman Avoids Foreclosure and Eviction

Vinia Hall is 103 years old. She lives with her daughter, who is 84 years of age. Chase Manhattan had foreclosed on her property and sent the sheriffs to her house to evict her. When the sheriffs arrived at her home, they were moved by her plight. They refused to evict Vinia and her daughter. News circulated throughout the world via television news stories, internet articles, and newspaper stories about her situation. An online petition was started to keep her in her home. It had more than thirty three thousand signatures on it.

Due to the huge media coverage Chase Manhattan Bank has reconsidered evicting Vinia from her home. They have renegotiated her mortgage and worked out a payment schedule that she and her daughter can afford.

Six Hundred Thousand United States Foreclosures During the Third Quarter of 2011

Vinia’s problem is simply one story out of the more than six hundred thousand homes foreclosed during the third quarter of 2011. Her case was an exception to the rule. The large majority of individuals who’s homes are foreclosed on are eventually forced out of their homes. Most mortgage modification applications are unsuccessful.

Foreclosure Defense Lawyer

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