The Economy is Slowly Improving, but the Housing Sector is Lacking

But The Housing Sector Is LackingIn recent months, consumer spending in the United States has been increasing. For the seventh month in a row, consumers have been purchasing more goods and services from retailers. Companies have reported higher sales than in 2010.

Housing is Dragging the Economy Down

The real estate sector in the United States is having a negative effect on the United States pulling out of a recession. Although consumer spending has increased, real estate spending is decreasing.

Home builders are still very pessimistic with regard to housing starts in 2011. This year is the worst in nearly fifty years with regard to the amount of new homes being built in the United States.

The National Association of Home Builders recently stated that its index of home builder sentiment remains unchanged as of February, 2011. For the fourth straight month, the sentiment of home builders has been extremely negative.

The American Dream

At one time, the ownership of a single family home was the American dream. For many Americans, this dream has turned into a nightmare. They owe more on their homes than their homes are worth. They are falling behind on their mortgages. They have lost their jobs or are underemployed and are no longer capable of making their mortgage payments. Their children attend schools in their neighborhood and they don’t want to move. This is a dilemma.

The key to an improvement on the real estate market is a reduction in unemployment. If Americans earn more money, they will spend this money on their mortgages. They will buy new homes and modernize their homes. This will give a boost to the housing industry and increase employment in this sector. Unfortunately, this is not happening right now in the United States.

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