Foreclosure by Bulldozer

Banks have a new weapon in dealing with foreclosed homes. The weapon is the bulldozer. Banks have been bulldozing more and more foreclosure homes. First, banks start legal proceedings, which enables them to obtain the titles to homes in local areas. Then they review the homes in their portfolio and they bring demolishing teams and bulldoze the least valuable repossessed homes. In the month of June, Bank of America bulldozed more than 100 foreclosed homes in Cleveland.

JP Morgan Chase has donated homes that it can’t sell or didn’t think were worthy of being repaired. Since 2008, JP Morgan Chase has knocked down approximately 2,000 homes and donated the land to city and county officials.

There is a benefit to banks donating property back to municipalities. They no longer have to pay the real property and school taxes on these homes. They also may be able to write off, as a loss, the homes donated to the municipalities.

Does Bulldozing Help the Housing Market?

There are experts in the real estate industry who claim that by removing low quality homes that are difficult to sell, these homes no longer cause real estate prices in a local area to go down. Since there is an over supply of homes on the market already, putting more low quality homes on the market just brings real estate prices down. The theory is the housing market is in best shape when supply and demand are an equilibrium. By bulldozing homes, the banks are reducing the supply of empty homes to the market place.

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